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FABRICS - Machinery
   State of the art looms: Airjet and Rapier looms of Picanol Delta/Omni Plus, Tsudakoma, Zax, Rapier GTX/Gammax and Toyota
   Benninger and Sucker Muller Warping & Sizing Machines
Fabric Processing

Continuous Bleaching Range
-  Singeing with 4 burners
-  Chemical doising electronically controlled
-  Suitable for wide range of fabrics


Chain Mercerizer
-  Electronically controlled caustic concentration
   and temperature
-  Ecofriendly


Pad steam ranges
-  Unique steamer. Efficient washing range.


Continuous Dyeing Ranges
-  Kuster mangle ensures uniform dyeing.


Curing Machines
-  Enables us to give Resin Finish to Fabric


Stenters and Shrinking Ranges
-  Stenters with 7 heat chambers

   Sueding Ranges
-  Precise levels of Peaching
Quality Assurance

4 Point inspection system.


ISO - 9002 certified plant


CAT System from Datatex for Fabric Inspection

   CAD System from Technograph Infotech Services for Fabric Inspection
Fabric Testing Capabilities
Laboratory having state-of-the-art Testing equipments from USA & UK to test various fabric parameters

Light Fastness


Washing Fastness


Pilling Test




Rubbing Fastness


Perspiration, Water Fastness


Perspiration, Water Fastness


Shrinkage test


Sample Drying


GSM test


CRA test


D P Rating


Skew / Bow test


Formaldehyde Content


Tensile and Seam Strength


Tearing Strength


ICI Pilling


Abrasion Test


Stretch, Recovery & Growth Test (Stretch fabrics)

Pilot Plant
It is equipped with latest technology machines from Switzerland, USA, UK & Japan. We have Datacolor System, USA for Color Matching. The various other machines that are available at the pilot plant are :-

Padding Mangles


Lab Dryer


Pad Steamer


H T Steamer


Lab Dispenser & Solution Maker


Color Matching Cabinet


Colour Matching System


Color Matching Box

Colour Fastness
   We use Vat and Reactive dyes for cotton fabrics.

All dyes are purchased from reputed international Dye manufacturers.


Color Fastness
Fastness to Light AATCC16E
Fastness to washing AATCC61



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