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FIBER - Process

Process Features

Continuous aqueous suspension polymerisation of reactive ingredients in a precisely controlled reactor system.


Constant composition of polymer and close control of molecular weight.


Polymer in water slurry dissolved with highly concentrated solvent, deaerated, heated and filtered to convert into dope suitable for spinning.


Dope extruded through spinnerette in spin bath filled with dilute coagulant to form gel fibre which is washed, stretched and made void free to provide a dense and compact structure of the fibre.


Tow is crimped and heat set to acquire stress and strain property. High quality finish applied for antistatic and lubrication purpose.


Tow is dried, cut and baled as staple or packed as tow as per requirement.


Weak solvent from spinning sent to solvent recovery for purification and evaporation to increase concentration of solvent for reuse at dope.


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