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FIBER - Product Specifications

Excellent dye pickup in a wide range of brilliant shades


Saturation factor (sf) is only 1.8, whereas colour development (k/s) factor is 100, resulting in low dye consumption with brilliant shade.


Whiteness of VARLAN fibre is significantly superior than other acrylic fibres, which helps in brilliant and beautiful dye shade.


Very compact, smooth round cross-section of fibre leads to good light reflection and smooth touch.


VARLAN fibre has wide mix of shrinkage levels to meet the requirements of large number of applications in downstream industries.


Since VARLAN fibre maintains permanent crimp, it has higher bulkiness than other fibres.


VARLAN fibre has round cross-section and therefore, has higher resiliency. Pile goods, such as blankets and fur made from VARLAN has high elasticity, high bulkiness and smooth touch.


Because of typical nature of spin finish, VARLAN fibre need not be processed with the application of spin finish at mills and leading to savings of the same can be done by spinning mills to the tune of 0.06 to 0.15% OWF.


VARLAN has a very low, rather negligible presence of highly hazardous chemical compared to other acrylic fibres available in India. Lower level of residual chemicals make VARLAN fibre machine & equipment friendly.


In cotton sector, the strength of yarn (CSP) made from VARLAN fibre is higher by about 200 units compared to other acrylic fibres.


Because of higher strength of VARLAN fibre and better evenness in the yarn, the R/F productivity can be increased by 10-15% in cotton sector.


In worsted sector the Ring Frame productivity for VARLAN product can be increased by 10% over other acrylic fibres because of high yarn strength, low lapping and more even yarn.


Because of higher strength of yarn made from VARLAN fibre, better knitting efficiency can be achieved.



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