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STEEL - Overview

Vardhman Special Steel is a niche player in the special and alloy steel market of India. With installed capacity of 1,20,000 MT per annum, Vardhman offers alloy steel made with contemporary technologies like electro-magnetic stirrers, vacuum degasification, auto mould level controlled and auto controlled cooling etc. With continuous research and development efforts, Vardhman Special Steel meets the stringent quality requirements of commercial vehicles, tractors, cars, two wheelers, defence applications, railway components and other engineering products.

Engineered for the future
Vardhman Special Steels incorporates some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities with equally reliable support facilities. The plant has well conceived layout plan with modern material handling facilities-all designed for economic processing of materials and human skills. Vardhman's ability to adopt changes in technology is evident in its extensive use of automation and contemporary concepts.

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