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STEEL - Infrastructure

Electric Arc Furnance (UHP-EBT)

GA Danielli, Italy

Vacuum Degassing

VAI Technometal, Austria/Germany

Bloom Caster

Concast Zurich, Switzerland

Rotary EMSA

Danielli Rotelec, France

Electric Arc Furnance (EAF)

30 MT Ultra high power (UHP) electric Arc Furnace.
(EBT Type) - GA Danielli


Water cooled panels for side wall and roof.


Fully automated continuous feeding system for DRI/HBI, Lime & other raw materials


Emission exhaust system with bag filter for pollution control.


PLC operated Coke Injector

   Melt Controller
Ladle Refining furnace (LRF)

30 MT Ladle Refining Furnace - HBB


Twin wire feeding machine. (CaSi, AI & S cored wire).

   Electonite oxygen activity measuring equipment (CELOX).
Vaccum Degassing

Tank Vaccum Degassing System from VAI - TECHNOMETAL AUSTRIA/  GERMANY.


Electronite Hydris for measuring Hydrogen in Liquid Metal.


30 MT capacity and vacuum levels lower than 1.0 millibar.


10 T/hr steam Boiler to feed the ejector system supplied by TECHNOMETAL GERMANY.

   4 wire feeding system for trimming alloys.
Bloom Caster

9/16 Metres, two strands Continuous Casting Machine - Concast Standard Zurich design equipped with IN MOULD ELECTRO MAGNETIC STIRRER (EMS) from Danielli Rotelec, France.


Fully automatic and computerized control of casting parameters.


Fully protected liquid metal stream from ladle to tundish followed by closed casting using submerged entry nozzle from tundish to mould.

   Automatic mould level indicator.
Cast Sizes : 125 mm sq., 160 mm sq., 200 mm sq.
Bloom Conditioning Facilities

100 % surface inspection.

   A battery of swing frame grinders for surface dressing
Rolling Mills
   3 high, 590 mm., 6 stand mechanized modern rolling mill.
Heat Treatment and Finishing

Bogie hearth furnace for annealing with temperature controls


Air blast normalizing


Bar straightening machines

   Mechanised inspection and conditioning stations
Bar Peeling, Cold Drawing & Centreless Grinding





Cold Drawing




Centreless Grinding


Full length bar Magnetic Particle Inspection

   High Speed Band Saws

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