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STEEL - Quality

In order to achieve total customer satisfaction it is important to meet their expectations in terms of quality and prompt, professional response to their needs. It is this belief that makes Vardhman fully geared to provide pre and post sales technical support to it's customers including assistance in material selection.

To ensure the right quality, Vardhman Special Steels has been quick to incorporate state-of-the-art technology in its quality control programme. At first, the process parameters and conditions are developed. Later, these are constantly monitored throughout the entire manufacturing process. The quality parameters are repeated within a narrow range from heat to heat. The final produce is then inspected and tested to ensure compliance with the customer's requirement. Appropriate statistical quality control systems and the latest testing facilities are the hallmarks of Vardhman's Quality Assurance Department.

Inspection & Testing Facilities

Metallurgical / Chemical

  • Vacuum Spectrometer - Thermo Jarrel ash

  • Gas analyzers 02 & N2 - Leco

  • Total H2 Determinator - In Liquid Steel - HYDRIS (Electronite)

  • Active 02 Determinator - In Liquid Steel - CELOX (Electronite)

  • Metallurgical Microscope - Carl Zeiss, Germany

  • Imager Analyzer System

Non - Destructive / Mechanical

  • Ultra Flaw Detector

  • Magnaflux (M.P.I.)

  • Mobile Spectrometer

  • Hardness Testers

  • 40 Ton - UTM

  • Impact Testing Machine

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