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Hand Embroidery

People have always found deep personal pleasure and sense of satisfaction in creating articles of daily use and artistic works from basic equipment and materials. One of the crafts practiced since times immemorial is needlecraft and embroidery - the urge to create with colourful threads. Embroidery was used in Ancient Egypt to decorate the hems of royal robes, in tapestries in the Middle Ages, and in ladies' samplers during the Colonial and Victorian eras. It continues as an art form today.

Hand embroidery is used to decorate wall hangings, pillowcases, quilts and table runners. Hand embroidery differs from counted cross stitch in that it uses many different types of stitches to achieve texture and interest, whereas counted cross stitch uses a single stitch and relies on color and shading for texture. Five stitches form the basis for hand embroidery. The stitches are outline, satin, lazy daisy, cross and French knot.

Hand embroidery is a beautiful art that almost anyone can learn. It is an art that should be preserved and well worth learning. The hand embroidery market in India is segmented into three segments.

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Usage of Hand Embroidery Thread

   Cross stitch
   Counted thread work
   Applique work

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