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YARNS - Integrated Yarn Dyeing Unit

1994 has witnessed a milestone toward our mission, to supply value added product i.e. cone and fibre dyed yarn and tops. A fully integrated dye house plant with technology from Nihon Synmo, Japan, the leader in dyeing technology in the world, emerged on the landscape of Vardhman. With setting up of this new dye house , the installed capacity to process has increased to 42.5 tons of Yarn and 13 ton of Fibre per day.


Technological Collaboration with Nihonsanmo, Japan.


Dyeing Capacity :-
Fiber Dyeing 13 tons per day
Yarn Dyeing 42.5 tons per day


Facility of dyeing a vast range - 100% Cotton, P/C Blends, Cotton/wool, Cotton / Viscose, Acrylic/cotton, 100% acrylic.


Lot Size Flexibility



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